About Us

About Us

We are an emerging name among the global companies working in accordance with the diverse organizations for their welfare in terms of various aspects like business growth via market research, promote sales & production of goods & services, and providing accurate analysis of the market.

Our service offerings include multi mode Data Collection (both quantitative and qualitative techniques), Survey Programming & Hosting, Data Processing and Analytics. Philomath Research combines a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to its clients. With our rich experience in industries like, Healthcare, Information Technology and Industrial Products (to name a few), Philomath Research helps its clients to provide quality insights on targeted and potential markets, brand health, consumer preferences and other market dynamics.

After delivering over 800 successful projects in the last 9 years, Philomath Research has emerged as a strong and reliable partner for companies ranging from boutique research agencies, management consulting firms, market research firms and other industry corporations, globally.

Our prestigious services primarily include market research based on surveys, interviews, observations, mystery shopping, store observations, real-time tracking, field trials, qualitative & quantitative research, studies before a product launch, etc. We are known in our field of operations for providing accurate data to our clients throughout 6 continents with our expertise in the area of research, analysis, and development. Achieving desired results in a given time frame is our habit and we are known to come through the mutual agreements with our customers and clients. We believe in exploring all the means and ideas, which take us through the journey where client satisfaction is our top-most priority. The means of our data collection and accumulation are exceptional as compared to others.

The oracle of our marketing research company consists of individuals with expert skill sets and divine knowledge in the research domain. Our team, with a great global presence, is working keenly for the continuous betterment of our worldwide partners. The company is morally inclined towards following the interests of its client as well as operating with a moral and ethical code of conduct. We have developed a brand name, which has been transformed and improved over the years into an unmatched service provider. We are known to provide excellent solutions for all the needs of our clientage and cater to the potential customers and partners in a superb way.

We are a renowned marketing research agencywith its base in India, providing unmatched services to the world. Our operations are a blend of top-notch technologies and an expert force comprising of intellect human resources. These include precise information and accurate data with the help of basic tools of research. We provide expertise and guidance to the global businesses by helping them to foresee and predict the diverse possibilities.