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Animals play a very important and crucial role in human lives in order to maintain a good health. However, nowadays, animals are trained to detect seizures. It can help you with occupational therapy, physical rehabilitation, and speech therapy to patients recovers from their problems.  Apart from pet’s therapeutic roles, animals are also valued as companions. However, if you want Vet Market Research for your company, then you must approach Philomath Research.

Vet Market Research Company

The companionship of a pet is beneficial for human health

The better you will understand the human-animal bond, the more you will understand how to improve the lives of people. In the world, it is found that animals improve the health and well-being of humans and over 71 million American households have pets in their homes. And they are healthier, less homesick, less depressed, and their heart rate remains normal.

However, sometimes, the pet gets a significant impact on allergies, social support, and asthma due to social interactions with people.

Impact on physical health

Companion animals are best known for improving their owners’ heart health by lowering blood pressure and stressful situations. However, in the year 2002 study, researchers found some measure changes in health rate and blood pressure who have a pet; dog or cat in their home, compared to those who did not own.

The experiment on non-pet owners

On research, it is found that those who do not own a cat or dog, their heart rates and blood pressure have high. People with dog or cat have normal heart rates and blood pressure, and they seem always happy and cheerful rather than who did not have any pet.

However, if you are someone who wants pet research and its market data to attract more customers who own pets, then approach Pet Marketing Research Company named Philomath Research will help you. It is the best pet research company in India.

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