How B2B Focus Groups Can Help You Get Insights from Market – Qualitative Market Research

In Qualitative Market Research Services B2B focus groups encourage to get new insights, create ideal generation and buying perspective for companies. And, Focus Group brings these all while conversing among 8 to 10 B2B decision markers. While doing so, respondents provide qualitative insight on raised questions that will surely matter to you. And, this qualitative research methodology can inform subsequent quantitative and tactic research.

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How A Moderator Guides?

A moderator in market research guides and stimulates the discussion strategically, and then the moderator raises some questions related to the market from participants in briefings with the client.

The process finds the niche for B2B markets and then processed. Through this research, insights are gained from recruitment that includes procurement directors, IT decision-makers, and R and D managers.

B2B Focus Groups in market research uncover insights into such subjects:

  • Purchasing processes
  • Motivation to purchase
  • Drives brand loyalty
  • Check out customer needs
  • It helps you develop product satisfaction
  • It tests marketing message
  • It also tests the new concept
  • Offers quality customer satisfaction
  • Then, it checks pricing and willingness to pay for the product
  • It finds out preferences, likes, and dislikes
  • Gets packaging insights and competitive intelligence

Online insights

Here is another strategy named digital communities in quantitative market research services which are rapidly rising in popularity in B2B research. It helps you operate almost every social network, post, prompts, respondent’s login, and discussion. This method runs for 2-4 days and allows more in-depth discussion among participants. In this, respondents can logon as per their convenience 10-30 minutes per day and study the market.

Another advantage of digital platforms that allow you to do analysis with advanced text analytics, user statistics, and automated transcripts that you can add more data to your qualitative survey.

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