How to Do Market Research for B2B

B2B stands for Business to Business. It is the term processed by all the business and that takes place between one companies to another. B2B sales are created to sell products or market research services between a company (suppliers) and a buying company (the customer company).

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In this term, the customer company transforms the services and products after purchasing to resell them to other companies (B2B2B) and to end consumers (B2B2C).

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The market research process for B2B

Typically, the market research process for B2B consists of two ways for collecting data and analyzing the market.

Let’s begin with data collection


In this step, researchers ask directly to people to know and collect their experiences and opinions about your service, product, business, or other things in the marketplace. The process involves live conversations, and this type of research takes more time and effort to know and analyze people’s opinions.

However, it has a plus side, qualitative research offers you unmatched depth and allows you to ask people open-ended questions and then proceed further.

Further, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and focus groups are the most common ways of qualitative research.


In this process, qualitative research allows you to research deeply into relative subject or business. It allows you to drive more power from its high-quality research and volume. Proceeding with the standard survey questionnaire, the researcher asks every person the same questions, and the answer by the people determines what would be the next question.

In qualitative research, the team asks open-ended questions and they are used less frequently so that the answers can be analyzed.

Additionally, qualitative research adds a different range of interview or survey formats such as online, mail, and telephone surveys.

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