Why Businesses Should Intercept Survey Market Research Company

Intercepts are an excellent way to gather marketing data and insights from customer’s on-site or public places such as malls, shops, supermarkets in order to gain immediate, and in-context feedback about any product or service. In this survey, trained interviewers choose respondents by stopping them after shopping or visiting a public place like the grocery store, and then they begin to ask some questions using their laptop, tablet or paper, and pencil to know customer behaviors, preferences, habits, and perspective. However, if you are looking for a professional market research company, then approach Philomath Research.

Advantages of conducting intercept survey

Reach a wider range of demographics

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Conducting intercept research by visiting at the physical locations is one of a great way to learn about the opinions and perspective of people who visited there to shop. You can even get feedback from online and physical stores. You can also visit different venues for useful, insightful opinions for targeting specific demographics next time. So, you are recommended to visit ethnic grocery stores, retail stores, and events such as conventions, festivals or etc. by doing such things, you can reach your target audience swiftly. However, if you visit a busy location for market research then you will be able to reach a wider range of people in a short span of time.

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Cost-effective research

The research is very cost-effective as compared to other surveys. It is pocket-friendly, unlike conducting focus groups or surveys utilizing a panel. In the inceptive survey, you can offer a small token of appreciation like a movie ticket, draw for a price, a coupon, etc. are enough incentive people who participate. So, what you are wondering about? Contact the best market research company and begin your inceptive survey and grow.

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